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| Wednesday, 8 July 2015 04:23


If you’re a hardcore Bitchin’ Kitchen fan and stalk us on Facebook, you probably already know that Nadia G has launched a new festival called “Riot Grill“. We caught up with the G-Star to get the dirt on the show, the bands, and LGBT rights…

You’re a celebrity chef cum lead singer in a punk band cum event producer… Wha?!

NG: Technically it’s: singer in a punk band, branding specialist, skit comedy producer, celeb chef, singer in a real punk band, event producer… but yea. Bitchin’ Kitchen has always been about three things: food, comedy and rock ‘n’ roll. All my life I’ve dreamt of this day —  a day where fleshy, skinless creatures would inherit the earth. I see them scurrying into the darkness of time itself, their pustulent wounds seeping, the manic silence screeching so loud… But I think we’re discussing another dream right now, the one about creating a live event that melds my penchant for good food, comedy and loud music, enter #RiotGrill. Don’t get me wrong, I love TV and have a coupla projects launching this fall, but nothing beats a live event… the stage, the audience, its magical. Plus, people will finally get to taste my fuckin’ food!!!

I gotta say, I am a fan of the logo. Vagina + wings = awesome.



Alright. Speaking of food, tell us about the exclusive Bitchin’ Kitchen Menu at Riot Grill… Talk dirty to us, baby…

NG: I’m making: Philly Cheesesteaks w/ Creamy Taleggio Sauce, (think of Taleggio as an Italian camembert, but more pungent…) Fried Ravioli stuffed Ricotta & Wild Mushrooms, served with a Spicy Italian Salsa. There’s Sweet Fig & Prosciutto Pizza — a PMS-inspired twist on an Italian staple. For the veg-heads we’ve got Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower, deep fried and doused in buttery hot sauce, (as cauliflower was meant to be.) For dessert, Crack Bacon Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. And for all the thirsty bitches out there: Thai Basil Hard Lemonade.

#Solid. What about the lineup?

NG: The #RiotGrill lineup is sick. I like to think of it like Lilith Fair, but, like, actually fun. Babes In Toyland are headlining — pioneers of the punk rock scene and the Riot Grrrl movement. Mexican garage rock band Le Butcherettes are playing, (they just got done touring with Faith No More and recored a track with Garbage’s Shirley Manson.) One of my personal favs at the fest is Slutever. Seriously, they’re putting out the best punk rock I’ve heard since, ever. My band The Menstruators will be performing too, so exciting. And terrifying. But mostly exciting. …I think. On the comedy side we’ve got Emmy Award-winning stand-up comedian Sara Schaefer, she’s hosting the fest. I fell in love with her stuff when I saw her bit on “Tiny Pieces of Chocolate for Women“. She’s freakin’ hilarious.

Listen to Nadia G’s band The Menstruators’ Soundcloud here.


Riot Grill is also a celebration for #LoveWins, right?

NG: Indeed. I’ve always been a huge supporter of LGBT rights and last week’s supreme court decision was monumental …But I gotta say, while incredible strides have been made this year in the fight for marriage equality, we still have ridiculous laws in play like “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. RFRA basically allows businesses to legally discriminate against LGBT employees and customers just because it may clip their imaginary golden ticket to heaven… Having the right to practice your religion doesn’t give you the right to discriminate against others, (it only gives you the right to get made fun of by Atheists.) Riot Grill is honored to support the Human Rights Campaign in fighting these unconscionable – and unconstitutional – laws.

Well said. Anything else you wanna say to all the Squibblebots out there?

NG: Remember: Don’t pee in your wetsuit, and see you in The Nosh Pit, you newrdz :P.

If you want to party with Nadia G at Riot Grill, head on over to for deets. Tickets start at $35, with VIP tickets selling for $99 and offering patrons free tapas from the Bitchin’ Kitchen Menu, exquisite cocktails, a meet and greet with select bands, and a swag bag that includes stunning merch designed by Christopher Lee Sauve, who recently created a t-shirt collection for Madonna. Come party for equal rights.

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