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| Tuesday, 6 August 2013 12:00

Colors are wonderful in a wardrobe. Sometimes, they can help convey a feeling or mood, like slipping on a yellow dress when you’re happy, or showing the world you’re not in the mood by donning all black. In this case, our latest WTFRU Wearing subject is screaming at the top of her lungs, “TRUST ME, I AM A FUN, YOUNG PERSON!”

Of course, no matter how many articles of pink clothing she can manage to put on, this is not the case.

I caught this woman ransacking the aisles of a local department store while having a deep, meaningful conversation about how to survive local transit with a caller on her cellphone. Like her choice of apparel, she wanted to be sure everyone noticed she was hip enough to have a cellphone, a friend and a bus pass.

But let’s get real. This lady was by my guess entering her late 60’s. And while I understand the phenomenon of a mid-life crisis, I have never seen one so dependent on pink and sparkly things. From her nail polish to her sneakers, everything “matches.” Although her enormously sized bag is a shade or two off from her other pieces, we can tell that coordination is the only fashion rule she tries to follow. I definitely think a sports car, sky diving lesson or tattoo would have been a better cry for help.

The hardest part of this whole experience wasn’t finding this woman or even snapping a sneaky photo. It was witnessing her picking out a new pink frock and not being able to interrupt her phone call long enough to advise her otherwise. Truthfully, pink isn’t commonly associated with mature, sophisticated women. While a gorgeous pump, lipstick shade or polish can be vibrant or youthful, we think the only person envious of this head-to-toe fashion don’t would still be in the third grade. Surely, this spunky women could embrace her exuberance in a way that does not distract drivers, or pilots respectively.

Look, I really like chocolate, but I don’t eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s okay to love a color, but maybe love it as bedding, a placemat or a collection of obnoxious animal sweaters.

Be sure to wear your Sunday best everyday, even to the store, or you might be next. Don’t forget, we also welcome fan submissions, so be sure to send in your photos!

By: Eva Severed

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