#PartnerShaming Why is All the Wine Gone?

| Monday, 27 July 2015 18:59

It’s that moment you get home from a long day with only one thing on your mind. Your girlfriend, sure, but that other thing — that one last bottle of Pinot Noir. It’s your favorite brand at the $8-$10 price point, and you’ve been saving it. But wait, where’d it go?


Millennials are changing the face of the wine industry by guzzling up more than a quarter of the wine in the U.S. — and I can say with some confidence that my girlfriend is responsible for the bulk of that. While never getting out-and-out shitfaced, she somehow seems to put away more bottles than Dionysus watching a Sex and the City marathon. At least she recycles?

There’s nothing wrong with loving wine. It’s a guilty pleasure for us, too. But for the love of all things holy, replace the last bottle of the good stuff. Now I’m stuck drinking this bottle of White Zinfandel from god knows when.

Is there any more of it?

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