Design & Decor Which is Creepier: Nadia’s Apartment or Haunted Mexican Island?

| Wednesday, 12 August 2015 20:40

A friend likes to describe Nadia’s apartment as a “funhouse” — it’s weird, sometimes unsettlingly weird, with taxidermied animals, dilapidated human figures (sometimes in jars), and at least one creepy clown. But the G-Star may’ve been one-upped by a haunted Mexican island.

Walk into Nadia’s living room and you might see stuff like this:


Or this:


Or this:


(Sweet laser printer, Nads.)

Creepier than your apartment, no? But decidedly less creepy than Mexico’s “Island of the Dolls,” which is festooned with thousands of eerie dolls and other toys intended to calm a ghost girl who drowned there years ago.

As the story goes, a man named Julian Santana Barrera retreated to a remote wooded area in Xochimilco, Mexico City, to live out his life as a recluse. He discovered corpse of a young girl and the toy doll she left behind floating in a nearby canal when he arrived. Eventually Barrera heard footsteps in the night and the anguished wails of a woman after he hung the doll from a tree. For more than 50 years, he continued to hang other toy dolls from the trees in the “chinampas” area to appease her ghost. His family now run the area as tourist attraction where visitors hang other dolls and claim to hear them whispering.

Sounds like a tourist trap, right? But we have to admit, it’s a damn creepy one:








Photos by Cindy Vasko via Daily Mail

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