Bite This Where We Ate: Austin, Texas

| Wednesday, 25 September 2013 10:36

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.41.07 PMWe know you tuned in to our brand new travel show, BITE THIS, and we’re guessing you’re booking some tickets to Austin right now! Well, here’s all the deets on the food we shkoffed and how you get it in to your mouth asap. We suggest you pack a bib.

Swift’s Attic

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Maybe you’re not as brave as Nadia in trying whole grilled squid, but you should still brave a hot pair of heels for a night out at Swift’s Attic. Chef Mat Clouser is cooking up some one of a kind dishes like braised Windy Hill goat shoulder with ricotta gnocchi and smoked fig-tomato ragout, and warm Niman Ranch pork cheeks with fig, mustard and sourdough toast. Just be sure to respect their mascot “Hooty-Tang,” and maybe stay away from referencing brussels sprouts.


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Vegan Nom

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Hans’ not so glamorous foray in to the world of hard-hitting journalism began at Vegan Nom, Austin’s first vegan taco hub! We guarantee you’re going to be okay with taking a bacon break to chow down on The Del Ray, their mock fish taco. Whether you’re in to faux meat or not, the cilantro lime crema sauce will getcha. Look, vacations can’t be all junk food all the time. The camera adds ten pounds!


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Countryside Farms 

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Panos’ took a trip to Countryside Farms, to visit Sebastien Bonneu and Austin’s finest meat. Supplying to some of the best restaurants in the city, it’s home to a variety of animals…including a chicken breed called the “rainbow ranger.” How cool is that?! It was also home to Panos’ true love. The goose, not his wife (sorry Ageliki). Just make sure the only jokes you tell Sebastien and his menagerie are actually funny.


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Lick Honest Ice Creams

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Sure, the guys were abducted, but at least they got Lick Honest Ice Creams out of it! Touting their locally sourced, hormone, artificial color, flavor, corn syrup, and preservative free ice cream, the guys dug in without hesitation. And that’s not just because it might have been their last meal. We sampled vanilla, dark chocolate with olive oil and sea salt, pecan and cream, too hot chocolate, and caramel salt lick flavors, in a waffle cone or cupped, with waffle cone sprinkles.



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La Barbecue 

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Did you see how many smokers there were at La Barbecue!? Meat for days, people. La BBQ is pumping out an Austin lunch of brisket, fluffy white bread, dill pickle, and sliced onion. Like G said, it’s roast beef with balls! And that’s not it – homemade chipotle coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad were bitchin’ too. Just be sure to dress for the occasion. It’s not easy to face 106 degrees or literal goose chases in anything full length.


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There you have it folks! The best of the best that Austin has to offer. Stay tuned, because the crew could be touring the bitchin’ bites your city features next. We just might have to run there if we’re going to keep eating like this.

By: Eva Severed 

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