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| Friday, 24 August 2012 10:00

eattobeatbluesthumbIt happens to everyone. You wake up on what already feels like a horrible morning – so horrible, that you feel like sleeping until noon and not even brushing your teeth. You’ll contemplate whether it was because you made out with a total stranger last night, or if it’s because your father loved your brother more. These thoughts will get you to rationalize why you should stay in bed all day, but you shouldn’t.

Being down is normal. Sometimes. This temporary state of depression brings with it the desire to inflict more pain and punishment on oneself; so it’s important to do the complete opposite of what depression wants. While some people would have gone for a day of self loathing and the occasional meltdown, you’re going to get your cute butt out of the house and fight the good fight against hormones, chemical imbalances, and your mind’s sick way of dealing with a lack of neurotransmitters!

Try to stay away from the Prozac. Instead, eat your way to a better mood. It’s not about chowing down on junk food to ease your feelings of emptiness, it about nourishing your body, brain, and snaping the hell out of it!


It’s commonly believed that food high in Omega 3 help relieve depression and its immobilizing symptoms. It can be found in various foods like fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are super awesome. On their own they taste a bit like sand paper and wood, but they’re an excellent source of omega 3. They can be added to cereal in the morning, baked into muffins and even thrown into some pasta sauce at dinner. You might also want to slap some cabbage alongside your main meals. Why? Because cabbage contains vitamin C, folic acid, and Omega 3. It helps with stress, heart disease AND cancer. Oh and it’s also low in fat. That’s enough to put anyone in a good mood.

Also, try foods that are rich in Serotonin. This includes foods like sunflower seeds, bananas, turkey, avocados, mangoes, broccoli, and almonds. Stress bomb? If you have trouble relaxing or just had a crazy week, Ginseng can help balance the nerves. It’s available in the form of tablets, tea, and energy drinks (be careful with the pick-me-up juice, though. Once you crash from the buzz, it isn’t pretty).


Fun fact: These sweet potatoes aren’t exactly ‘potato-potatos’ these tuber veggies are full of Vitamin B6, a great natural de-stressor. Plus they’re packed full of beta-carotene, Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants that treat your body right. But the main reason these orange babies are a great feel-good food, they’re full of good, stomach cuddling carbs. A couple pieces of these with some cinnamon, paprika, a little olive oil and you’re in flavor country baby!

What else can you shkoff to feel better? One word: Chocolate. Did you need another reason to enjoy this cocoa packed deliciousness? Well we’ve got a few for you anyway. Chocolate’s not only the most amazing tasting thing in the whole wide world, it also prompts the release of endorphin, the happy hormone. Sold yet? It gets better: chocolate has also been found to act like a natural pain killer in the body. We mean, really, could this food be more awesome! Scientific studies have yet to link the improvement of these beneficial elements when turned into ice cream but from purely anecdotal research (and by that we mean sitting around in our pjs watching chick flicks with a tub of the good stuff), it transforms chocolatly goodness, to awesomesauce.

Keep in mind you should also be decreasing your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and carbs if you get these moods often. Coffee tends to make you jittery and alcohol is a brain depressant – it’s no wonder we feel like crap on a stick the day after some hard-core partying. And remember, don’t stress about the things you can’t change – you’d be wasting some valuable time and effort on something or someone that probably doesn’t deserve it.

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