Design & Decor Weird Sh*it in Nadia’s Apartment

| Friday, 26 September 2014 12:50

226286_6317961723_7084_nYou can say that Nadia and I are close friends. Every time I go to LA I stay at her trendy West Hollywood  pad and for the LA “Bite This” shoot, things were no different… except for all the creepy stuff she now has lurking in the corners.

Nadia’s always had a penchant for the weird and oddly cool. I figured that out when I first met G during her web days and the apartment we used to call our office looked like a Barbie massacre. A few decapitated dolls later, I found out we’d spray paint them silver as a DIY project. Totally normal.

Years later – Nadia’s taste has matured to include vintage baby dolls that may very well be possessed by Satan himself and an antique carousel horse you most definitely want to ride… in HELL. And this LED Frankenstein-like lamp? It creeps me out if I’m left alone with it.


Morbid décor aside, you really can see Nadia’s personality shine though when you visit her digs. She loves to read and has a bookcase filled with thought-provoking reads by compelling authors like Palahniuk and even owns a book written entirely in a secret language. Not to mention that she loves herself some Jenga.


This peeving-looking doll eyeing the unicorn meat below sits nestled between books but I swear his eyes shift, following you as you move throughout the apartment. If he gets out of hand, rest assured that his neighbour, a porcelain squirrel guarding his nuts (and the Nadia G cookbook) would protect you.

Her fireplace is cozy.  The mantle boasts a huge photo of G’s “bloody” teeth & tongue, one of her first photo shoots for Bitchin’ Kitchen. Falling in line with the rest of the décor, I remember the pictures were for her very first Halloween web special. This framed photo shares the mantle space with a mannequin decked out in string lights and beside it, grumpy cat, judging us, from afar. He’s too miserable for even Nadia to resist.


Nadia G also digs arts & crafts. Throughout the apartment you can see some of the art pieces she’s worked on and most of them are quite nice. Except for what she’s planning on doing with this porcelain statue she bought for 10 bucks. Whenever there are ceramic guts, an anatomical heart, measuring tape and some super glue lying around, a guest needs to start asking questions. Or not. The less I know, the better.


The pièce de résistance however, came in the form of a clown. He lives in the corner of the living room. Sitting idly, until night comes. I envision him scurrying around the place, hiding under the couch, or worse, my bed. If this Tim Burton-like Ronald McDonald doesn’t keep you from ever entering another fast food restaurant forever than I don’t know what will.


Nadia’s pad is a little bit like a Goosebumps funhouse: it’s weird, creepy, and you could’ve sworn that clown holding a knife just winked at you… wait, is that a real knife?! On the plus side, Nads always has a full supply of flavored vodkas and beer in the fridge so any fear you might have about staying over is quickly squashed by the soothing effect of alcohol. What can I say, she’s a great host.

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By Angelique Picanco

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