Culture Weird N’ Wild Food Tattoos

| Wednesday, 28 April 2010 13:30

FoodTatThumbThe best thing about a food tattoo is that you never have to wonder what the person who got it was thinking. It’s usually pretty self-explanatory…

While there are loads of bad tattoo galleries out there, we thought it was time to dedicate one to all the crazy food fans who got their favorite snacks inked on them for life.

Here are 7 of the most bizarre food tattoos we could find for your enjoyment. Let us know which one wins out.

Beer & Pizza


For a gallery of weird food tattoos, this seemed as good a place to start as any. Our friend here obviously really likes beer and pizza and therefore got himself a tattoo that’s basically the Hungry Man’s coat of arms. But why, if you’re such a big pizza lover, wouldn’t you at least get some ingredients tattooed on your slices? Not even pepperoni? C’mon… Also, I get that the can on the left is a beer can, but what’s going on with the one on the right? Is it pizza in a can? Is it pizza-flavored beer? These are the kind questions people should ask themselves before getting permanent tattoos.

Hungry Man


While I can’t help but feel as though this tattoo will be regretted eventually, the guy should at least get a few style points for having some pasta prop up a cartoon steak to form the letter ‘R’.

Toilet Cupcake


I imagine there’s an interesting story behind this tattoo…but I don’t want to know what it is. Anyone can go out and get a tattoo of a cupcake, but it takes a special kind of person to get an image of one happily relieving itself on the toilet permanently drawn on their leg. Poop on, happy cupcake. Poop on.

Delicious Dog


I have to say, I kinda like this one… First off – it’s well done which really helps. Second – This tattoo has somehow found a way to combine the deliciousness of a hot dog with the coolness of the Fonz. A weird combo, but one that works. Third – This tattoo puts itself over the top by having a squeezable mustard bottle in the hot dog’s hand, hinting at the fact that it dressed itself, which for some reason is inexplicably cool.

Pizza Party


I guess if you think about it, the stomach really is the most appropriate place to get a food tattoo. That doesn’t make this any less stupid though… It almost feels like he just decided to get a tattoo of whatever was inside this stomach when he wandered into the tattoo parlor. Also, are the strange markings above the word Pizza supposed to be a stitched up scar, or the number of pizzas this guy can eat in a single sitting?

Vegetable Sleeves


Again, it’s amazing just how much more acceptable a weird tattoo becomes when it’s done by a talented artist. Representin’ for all the vegans out there, we give you Vegetable Sleeves. It’s hard not to look at this and wish the fruits and vegetables at our local supermarket looked as fresh and appetizing as the ones on this guy’s biceps.

Egg Head


This is your brain on drugs. Buddy, I hope you can grow hair, because there will come a point in life when you’ll wish you didn’t have a Denny’s breakfast tattooed on the top of your skull.

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