Culture Weekly Roundup

| Monday, 5 November 2012 16:56

Here at BK, we love Halloween so much we didn’t celebrate just one day, we celebrated it all week! We were busy giving out some sweet (and boozey) treats, while enjoying all the goodies our fans had to offer. Now that it’s a countdown to Christmas, let’s remember the holiday we’ll miss until next October!


News: We all know Nadia G is queen of the internet, but she made a few more marks this week! First, she shared drink ideas with the fine folks over at! WATCH IT HERE!

Then, ET Canada got up close and personal with Nadia and our TV crew in this behind the scenes video!

And we LOVED this BTS pic of the G Star and Adam Richman at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas!

Supperclub: Everyone was feeling the Halloween spirit!

Adam, our number one fan, made Designer Toffee Apples! Watch his video here!

There were more then a few Severed Braciole Arms to be afraid of!

Tina Rashed served her with some scary portraits.

Bob Zink’s looks like it’s reaching for our souls.

Mary M served up some human flesh for her son’s birthday!

And Elle Rose made her with our Worms and Maggot salad as a gruesome side.

Don’t forget to check out our current supperclub pick, Montreal Smoke Meat Hash with Chili Sauce from Dude Food!

Comments: Where would we be without all our amazing Facebook and Twitter fans!? You guys keep us laughing out loud daily!

Tracey described our worst nightmare.

Rhonda was wearing an interesting costume.

So was Charissa!

Familia tells us the real reason BK is so popular (but we already knew).

On We celebrated Halloween by looking at how to celebrate if you’re young or old, and with a tutorial for glamming up your pumpkins! We also enjoyed more than one glass of Candy Infused Vodka on a spooky #TuesdayBoozeday.

Most Bitchin’: The winner of our Bitchin’ Halloween Costume Contest is…drum roll please…

MELISSA SPICKLER! She proved that couples who kill together, stay together. I mean…help each other get covered in fake blood end up with the best Halloween costume.  We’re not afraid…but we do hope you’ll enjoy your prize package more than the thought of harvesting our spines. CONGRATS!

We received dozens of FANTASTIC submissions, and wish we could have egged houses with all of you. Thanks to EVERYONE that entered.

Until next week, STAY BITCHIN’!


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