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| Thursday, 14 February 2013 09:00

With cupid flying overhead, you’re either trailing his glittering love dust or sprinting in the other direction (I’m definitely doing the latter). Significant other or not, there are easy ways to make this red and pink day, or any other, a nice one for the people in your life. At least there’s no pressure this way!


Valentine’s does not require expensive chocolate or prix fix menus to be enjoyed. When is the last time you brought donuts in to the office? Or shared your favourite granola with your neighbors? There isn’t a person in the world that’d say “free food? No thanks.” None we’d associate with anyway. Bonus points are earned when you give someone their very favorite thing, and points are lost if you think anyone actually LIKES conversation hearts.

Handwritten note

Sure, a text or email is an easy way to thank your bff for holding back your hair the other night. But a cute piece of stationary and your hand writing really takes your appreciation for not having puked on your gorgeous outfit to a new level. Fact is, being able to come back and read that letter years down the road will make that person feel loved all over again. And there’s no need to keep it mushy. Hilarious nicknames, inside jokes and doodles are totally appropriate.

Offering to help

When you’re dating, it’s easy to say “yes” to helping do things you don’t enjoy doing. But the work for booze or pizza trade still exists between friends, so help your bud move, remind your mom how to use the DVD player (again) or give some unsolicited fashion advice to a hopeless stranger. Chances are, you’ll feel as good about helping them as they’ll feel about having your help.

Talking to/smiling at strangers

Have you ever noticed how often people smile back your way when you smile at them first? You know that at least a few people on your commute hate Valentine’s Day as much as you do, and would benefit from a little head nod, wink or chat. Old folks are particularly partial to conversation, as well as the poor souls forced to work on this night. Think of all the lovey-dovey people they’re forced to see! You could be the best customer of their day.

I guess I’m not all sour after all! Take my advice, and spread a little love at any opportunity. And while you’re at it, don’t forget about those shoes you’ve been eyeing. You deserve a little love too.

By: Eva Severed

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