#PartnerShaming Water Water Everywhere

| Monday, 4 May 2015 10:56


Look, it’s lovely when your girlfriend drinks plenty of water. It keeps her skin soft, her muscles energized, and her, um, bowels functioning properly — at least according to this WebMD search we just did. But there’s such a thing as too much water. Besides water intoxication (not as fun as it sounds), too much water can can also really clutter up a bedside table.

So it is with this week’s #PartnerShaming. A fan writes:

My girlfriend always forgets she has a glass of water already going, so she’ll go and get another one. Eventually there are half full glasses all over the house and no clean ones left in the kitchen! AHHHH!!!

We feel you, buddy, especially if you’re in California. But don’t beat the poor woman up. When it comes to fallen soldiers, you can do a lot worse than wasted water.


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