Music Videos

The Menstruators - You Belong to Me

Nadia G's band "The Menstruators" performed at the famous Hollywood music venue The Viper Room (you know, where River Phoenix died, yeah that place) on April 12, 2016 and here's a video for those of you who missed it. A classic ... Read More

The Menstruators - Hey Yea

If punk is dead, Nadia G did not get the memo. Fresh from yesterday's jam session, here's a rough track called 'Hey Yea' -- via G's new band 'The Menstruators'. Vocals: Nadia G, Guitar: Robin Feldman, Bass & Vocals: Ken ... Read More

Flavor of the Weak

Are you ready rawkstars?! BitchinLifestyle.TV presents the full-length music video for 'Flavor of the Weak'! Go-Nads! Go-Nads! Go-Nads! Spread the Bitchin’ love, share this video with all your friends and family! Written by Nadia G, Mary Martinelli, and Keith Streng (Fleshtones). Read More

Never Drinking like that Again

Partied too hard last night? Hungover? Bitchin' Kitchen feels you. This song is all about those famous words: "I'm Never Drinking Like That Again". Featured in 'Rehab Recipes' episode on Food Network Canada's 'Bitchin' Kitchen' TV show. Read More