Nadia G's band "The Menstruators" performed at the famous Hollywood music venue The Viper Room (you know, where River Phoenix died, yeah that place) on April 12, 2016 and here's a video for those of you who missed it. A classic ... Read More
This song is dedicated to all the annoying twits on Facebook who feel the need to update us on their mundane, boring-ass lives. This one's for you and its called "We Don't Care", AKA: "The Facebook Anthem". (Consider this ... Read More
Season 2 is finally here!!! Nadia G kicks it off by ranting about cake in a cup and pesky nipple hair. You're welcome. Read More
‪#‎Bleed‬ from TheMenstruators, *insert boring joke here. Behold another sick‪#‎ruffjam‬, and ‪#‎NadiaG‬ white girl wigglin' in a pine cone crown. Read More
New rough live jam about slut shaming, G serves it up with some muay thai shadowboxing for sh1ts and giggles. Like The Menstruators? Well then like The Menstruators :P! Read More
Squibblebots & Savages, this one's for you! Rough jam of G's latest track: 'Princess Hollywood'. The Menstruators are: Nadia G - vocals, Robin Feldman - guitar, Ken Christianson - bass & vocals, Ale Robles - drums. Princess Hollywood she got that new ... Read More
This song is going to be pure murder on the dancefloor. A new rough track from yesterday's jam sesh. vocals: Nadia G, guitar: Robin Feldman, bass: Ken Christianson Read More
Take a look at this rough acoustic version "Plastic Jesus" by the menstruators. Read More