New rough live jam about slut shaming, G serves it up with some muay thai shadowboxing for sh1ts and giggles. Like The Menstruators? Well then like The Menstruators :P! Read More
Squibblebots & Savages, this one's for you! Rough jam of G's latest track: 'Princess Hollywood'. The Menstruators are: Nadia G - vocals, Robin Feldman - guitar, Ken Christianson - bass & vocals, Ale Robles - drums. Princess Hollywood she got that new ... Read More
This song is going to be pure murder on the dancefloor. A new rough track from yesterday's jam sesh. vocals: Nadia G, guitar: Robin Feldman, bass: Ken Christianson Read More
Take a look at this rough acoustic version "Plastic Jesus" by the menstruators. Read More
Here be another rough track from our jam session. The Menstruators are -- vocals: nadia g, guitar: robin feldman, bass & vocals: ken christianson. Read More
If punk is dead, Nadia G did not get the memo. Fresh from yesterday's jam session, here's a rough track called 'Hey Yea' -- via G's new band 'The Menstruators'. Vocals: Nadia G, Guitar: Robin Feldman, Bass & Vocals: Ken ... Read More
Nadia's celebrating new episodes of Sick Kitchens by demolishing some walls, in the nude. What? That's not how you celebrate? Read More
Just in time for Tuesday Boozeday, the latest installment of "Shitty Guitar w/ Nadia G." features Miss G. covering Gillian Welch's "Barroom Girls" (original here). Here's the fresh cut recorded by the Nadster just yesterday: Want more Tuesday Boozeday stuff? ... Read More