Design & Decor Turn Your Home Into a Lemmy Shrine

| Wednesday, 4 February 2015 20:11


If you’re into rock music, you’re most likely familiar with Mötorhead founder and all around facial-hair badass Lemmy Kilmister. Whether you love his songwriting, his throaty growl, or what Wikipedia describes as his “friendly mutton chops,” have we got a treat for you.

As you know, Nadia has a soft spot for quirky housewares, which you can see reflected in the Nadia G. boutique. So when she came across these gems, we had to share.

Folks over at søciety6 and other stores throughout cyberspace have ginned up some pretty amazing decor — so amazing that one could easily make her home a shrine to the British icon. And with stuff this good, what self-respecting Mötorhead fan wouldn’t?

Some days we really love the internet. Almost as much as we love you, Lemmy.

Take a shower with Lemmybuy



Have a drink with Lemmy – buy



Sit your ass on Lemmy – buy



Tell the time with Lemmy – buy



Take a nap on Lemmy – buy



Get laid on Lemme – buy



via Dangerous Minds

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