#PartnerShaming Toothpaste Terror

| Monday, 6 April 2015 18:39


Technically we’re not trying to shame a partner with this one, but given that we’ve lived with significant others in the past who left toothpaste bombs in the sink, we’re gonna go with it.

A guest came to stay with one of our crew members. While this particular crew member isn’t the cleanest person in the world, he’s a good guy — so he spent an afternoon getting the shared bathroom sparkling clean. Mopped the floor, scrubbed the toilet, and polished up the sink. But unfortunately that didn’t last long. The guest, who shall remain nameless, brushed his teeth within hours and ended up plastered the porcelain with leftover toothpaste.

Look, guest, maybe you don’t want to use your fingers to sweep your toothpaste leftovers down the sink. But for the record, that thing has never been cleaner. I would’ve damn near eaten out of it before you decided to go all Jackson Pollack with your spittle.

Nasty, dude. Just nasty.

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