#PartnerShaming – Toenails on the kitchen counter

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| Tuesday, 16 December 2014 21:30


Look, we can disagree on nail-clipping etiquette. Do you do it outside on the stoop? In the bathroom? Do you try to make a little pile of clippings to throw away when you’re done, or do you try to fire the little pieces directly into the trash can (with mixed results)?

Regardless, a BK Crew Member’s girlfriend today provides us with one example of what NOT to do. Ladies and gentleman, please don’t make a small pile of your nail clippings on the kitchen table for your significant other to find after a long day at work. It’s disgusting, unsexy, and probably not food safe.

Or, as Nadia G. put it, “This is the grossest thing I’ve seen in a while, including self surgery of sebaceous cyst.”

Yep, that about says it.

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