Culture This is an Artist’s Brain on Drugs

| Thursday, 9 July 2015 20:43

During the 1950s, not long after LSD had been invented, scientists scrambled to determine drug’s effects. The CIA got in on the experiments, as did a psychologist who administered acid to an artist. Predictably, the results were trippy.

LSD sketch

In what’s believed to be an experiment by California-based psychiatrist Oscar Janiger, an artist was given two 50-microgram doses of LSD, separated by an hour. At various intervals, the artist was asked to draw a picture of his subject (Janiger, most likely). At first the sketches are pretty straightforward, but as the acid takes effect, they become simpler and simpler — until suddenly exploding into a bizarre abstraction that looks more like a Grateful Dead poster than a portrait of a shrink. Take a look:

For those of you who assume Nadia’s on drugs when she makes her Menstruators music videos, maybe this will help put things in perspective.

h/t Daily Grail via Boing Boing

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