#PartnerShaming These shoes are domestic booby traps

| Monday, 12 January 2015 19:06

In this week’s #partnershaming, we shed some light on a dark and sinister plot for MURDER!

We’re no strangers to random piles of dirty clothes left in what we can only assume to be a poorly designed scavenger hunt where the prize is putting them away in the laundry room. Somehow, we always win.

But what happens when your significant other leaves every style of shoe he/she owns in carefully selected spots throughout the house? Spots you know will go unnoticed until it’s too late.


Just look at these premeditated shoe traps! At the doorway of the bathroom, where you can trip, fall, and fracture your skull on the sink. In the living room, near the glass table, where you’d most likely stumble and slice a major artery. Or the last attempt, on the rug, where you’d most likely bend over to pick up the shoes only to end up rolled up in carpet and thrown in the trunk of a rape van. Obviously.

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