#PartnerShaming The Sink is Not a Dishwasher

| Monday, 30 March 2015 17:40


Today’s tale of domestic woe comes from a fan whose man keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink. While the sink is indeed a fantastic human invention for doing dishes, it unfortunately requires a human to operate it — and that human isn’t your girlfriend.

Our fan writes: “I hate dishes piled high in the sink….I HATE when they are covered with stinky food.”

Look, leaving your dirty dishes in the sink is hunky dory if you live alone and plan on cleaning before inviting anyone over. It’s also okay when you’re at a friend’s house and they’re all, “Oh don’t worry about those dishes. Just leave them in the sink!” But when you share a living space with someone, your mess is their mess. And if you keep on making a mess of their kitchen, you can bet they’re gonna get sick of it.

Let’s just hope the culprit didn’t expect “the woman” to wash them. That, my friends, is a deal breaker.


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