Testing 1-2-3 Testing 1,2,3: Mally Citychick Halos’ Smokey Eye Kit

| Tuesday, 24 August 2010 13:00


Here at Bitchin’ Lifestyle, we’re all about getting the dirt on the latest and most talked about products. More often than not, we’ve all bought something on a whim only to find out it was more useless than having Jessica Simpson on Jeopardy. We feel you, that’s why we test stuff for you so you don’t have to.

We thought we’d kick it old school for this month’s Testing 1,2,3 and investigate one of the most troubling makeup anomalies known to women.

The smokey eye.

I admit, the first (and second) time I tried to give myself a smokey eye, I gave myself the drunken hussy look instead. It wasn’t pretty. For all you women out there who know what I’m talking about, this one is for you.

First Up: Mally Citychick Halos’ Smokey Eye Kit. It comes with a color palette perfect for smokey eyes and instructions to boot.

I was a little on the skeptic side when I was first presented with this product mainly because I’ve already tried this look… and failed miserably. Like a trooper, I gave it a try anyways.

The first order of business was, of course, to wash my face, starting off with a blank canvass. Hopefully your appreciation for my guts to go barefaced online outweighs the shock of seeing me without any makeup at all.

The instructions indicate that I was to take the eye shadow base – the primer – and apply it all over my lid, up until the eyebrow line. This is supposed to ensure that the shadows stay put all day, or more appropriately, all night. Simple stuff. One thing I noticed right away was that the primer is creamy in nature and similar to a concealer, ideal for covering blemishes and those ungodly eye-veins.


The guidelines tell me to pack on the first shadow and apply it on the lid, all the way up to the brow line. The guide promises that this vital step creates a seal between the two products (primer & shadow) thus ensuring a long-lasting look. Now, while I love the color – a metallic silver shade – applying it all over until the brow raised some red flags for me — this is definitely an evening look.


Step three involves applying the third shade (the brown-ish color) over the entire lid, up to the crease. The trick is to be sure to blend the colors thoroughly. This takes some time and patience but it beats the alternative – looking like a complete moron.


The next step in the process is where many women go from looking hot to not. The last shadow is the black shade and is used to complete the smokey eye. It takes some precision and some smudging skills but it can be done. I took the black shade and smudged it into my lash lines and blended it softly towards the crease.

One thing every girl who tries this look will notice is that the blending process has now left some problematic deposits under the eyes. Don’t touch it. Once, I get the intensity I want, I could then correct any mistakes I made using some makeup remover.



Using makeup remover and applying foundation after the shadow is a trick my makeup artist buddy gave me. Using a cotton swab and remover you can get rid all of the excess shadow around and under the eyes – which is what usually causes raccoon eyes and a look gone wrong. Once my face was clean I applied my foundation as per usual. I slapped on a heavy load of mascara and voila, I was done.


Not too shabby, eh?!

While I must admit that the look is intense and a tad ‘lady of the night” for the office, it has possibilities. For the daytime, I would forgo using the back shadow and black liner on the lower and inner lid as in the picture above.

For a Saturday night on the other hand, this look is killer. You can rock it and no one will judge you. In fact, I’d go the extra mile and apply some false lashes and really play up the smokey effect with a black liner. With some red lip gloss and this kit, you can create a pretty good “Old Hollywood’ look. Now, I’m no makeup fiend, but I’m quite pleased with the results.


Ladies, there you have it. I can safely say that Mally Citychick Halos’ Smokey Eye Kit does in fact last all night. I re-created the look for a wedding recently (above picture) and the makeup didn’t budge for the entire evening. It even lasted for quite some time after the open bar.

Another positive: the instruction pamphlet makes acheiving this look easier — (if you have basic hand-eye coordination, and enough patience to blend and blend some more.) For those of you who can’t put mascara on without poking yourself in the eye, I’d suggest the old adage: “Practice makes perfect…” And if you don’t wanna practice, stick with more neutral eye shadows and forgo the coveted smokey-eye look. Mally’s instructions and kit definitely makes this look attainable, but you still need the patience to get it right.

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