Testing 1-2-3 Testing 1,2,3: Almay Smart Shade Makeup

| Thursday, 23 July 2009 09:28


For testing 1, 2, 3, we try out all kinds of different products, and give you our honest take on them.

First up: Almay Smart Shade foundation


The idea behind this new and fairly innovative makeup product is simple: you pick a shade close to your skin (e.g. light to medium deep), apply it, and the “shade sensing microbeads” immediately start adjusting to match your skin tone. Revolutionary, right?

We wanted to see for ourselves.


To start with a clean slate, we removed all of our makeup. We’re baring our souls (er, complexions) for you people here, so we hope you appreciate it! That’s right, we’re in space (really, it’s just to distract you from our hideous bare faces).

On freshly-cleaned skin, we applied the product, which looks like this when it comes out of the tube:


As you can see, it goes on white.


As we started to rub it in, we were amazed at how well it matched Angelique’s skin tone.


It blended seamlessly, and gave a nice, even finish.


And then we tried it on Dallas. A very fair-skinned lady, Dallas had her doubts as to whether this seemingly magical product would be able to match her super pale skin. We applied it to half her face to see how it blended…


… and she quickly transformed into half of a pumpkin.

We tried covering her whole face with it to see if it eased the orange glow, but it only intensified it.


It was a disaster. As Angelique was applying the makeup to Dallas’ face, she noticed an orange film forming around her hairline that refused to budge, even when she rubbed it vigorously (while cursing).

But look how pretty Angelique looked!


All in all, we give the product a thumbs up for innovation and potential, but a thumbs down for delivery. It definitely did not live up to its claim to match any skin tone. And given that we tried the lightest shade on both of us, it’s funny that it matched Angelique’s bronzed, Mediterranean complexion and clashed horribly with Dallas’ ivory, Irish one. Although it worked very well on Angelique’s skin tone, we both agree that the finish was thick and damp, like a cheap sunscreen. It left us feeling kind of sweaty and sticky without the advantages of a midnight love rumble.

– Photos and text by Angelique Picanco & Dallas Curow

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