Bitchin’ Babes Something Sweet: Sugar Sammy

| Friday, 28 January 2011 12:00


When we tweeted Sugar Sammy a couple of week’s ago, we straight up asked if we could interview him for our Bitchin’ Babe feature. He’s young, he’s good looking, and he can make a gal laugh – what’s not to love?

Killer jokes (and looks) aside, the guy is pretty damn successful – and he’s homegrown to boot. From the multicultural city of Montreal, Sugar Sammy (who is of Indian descent) uses a mixture of personal experiences and opinions as a foundation for his hilarious comedy acts. With an HBO Canada Special and a six-year Just For Laughs run under his belt, Sugar Sammy now has a DVD special out to add to his ever-growing list of accomplishments.

Angelique Picanco: I have to ask. Where did the name ‘Sugar Sammy’ come from?

Sugar Sammy: I got it from the ladies when I was at Mcgill University. I used to throw parties off campus and get the girls in for free and take real good care of them when they got there. They gave me the nickname and it grew from there and took on a life of its own.

AP: Voted among the top ten “Most Desirable Men” in the Montreal Mirror (The girls at BK voted. You’re welcome) and now BK’s Bitchin’ Babe… is there any end to your earth shattering hotness?

SS: No.


AP: We noticed that The Hollywood Reporter coined you as ‘One of the Top 10 Rising Comedy Talents from Around the World’ – that’s some pretty impressive stuff. When visiting different parts of the world, how do your shows differ? Are there jokes you have to alter — let’s say when you perform in English vs. Hindi?

SS: I always adapt my jokes to the region. My set in Quebec will be totally different than the one in Dubai, for instance. I always make sure to write a few minutes of local material to create a bridge with the audience, and I ask around to see which references are relevant or need changing.

AP: In the ‘Early Life’ section of your Wikipedia profile it says that you ‘Temporarily put your dreams of being a world renowned comedian on the back burner to pursue other endeavors.’ What were you doing – and when did you decide that you were better off making people laugh for a living?

SS: I was in school and promoting parties. I was doing stand-up on the side. When I was done with school I kept promoting because the money was really good, but then I looked around and realized I couldn’t do it forever and that one day I would become the old guy at the club. I realized that comedy was my true love and gave it everything I had.


AP: You’ve been a part of the legendary Just for Laughs festival for six years now! I went to the Ethnic Show this year and the host, Godfrey, had some issues with an insanely annoying heckler. Can you relate – please tell me you once jump-kicked a guy in the forehead.

SS: All comedians have had a bad situation with a heckler. You learn from experience. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that take care of the hecklers without alienating the audience, and still being able to make it a killer show.

AP: After years of performing, what joke do you still love telling?

SS: I still love telling the one about how French guys are one beer away from being gay.

AP: Another crazy cool thing we read about was the fact that Air Canada will be airing your HBO Special on all Air Canada flights in January 2011. How do you feel about your show potentially being the last thing people see before they crash? (I have a fear of flying.)

SS: Why not go with a smile on your face.


AP:  Fair enough. Since we’re big time foodies at BK, we have to ask – What’s your all-time favorite dish?

SS: That’s a tough one. I’d have to go with pizza because it never gets old….and even when it’s old it’s good.

AP: Since you’ve been around, which city do you think has the best sense of humor?

SS: Everyone loves comedy, but I would have to give this one to Beirut. Despite all of the crap they’ve been through in the recent past, they tend to keep a positive outlook and live life to the fullest. They are a great audience.

AP: Many people don’t know, but you did some cameos in the earlier seasons of BK. You played Sid a no-BS barmeister. Considering we’re all about food and comedy, we want to know what foods instantly put you in a good mood?

SS: Ice Cream, cucumber sandwiches, pizza with lots of pepperoni on it.

AP: Any upcoming events? Share the laughs with BK.

SS: My DVD is out everywhere including and I also have big shows coming up all over North America and I am offering people in my fan club (free to join) priority tickets before they are available to the public. They can go to and sign up!

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