Culture SoBeWFF: NG’s Live Cook Demo & Book Signing

| Tuesday, 28 February 2012 12:00


If ever there was a stigma about food enthusiasts being nerdy, stuck-up squares, they were wrong.  For the most part, real “foodies” are people who know how to enjoy life and they do so by shkoffing some amazing food and beverages.

They don’t worry so much about how many calories are in that sample of pasta al forno (until the day after, at least), they don’t question the grilled octopus being served, and they really, really want to try the balsamic BBQ pork bun sliders. Foodies are adventurous, lively, friendly, and quite possibly the most amazing people around. Probably because they’re always well fed and don’t deprive themselves of a perfectly good smoked meat sandwich every now and then. These are some of the things I learned at SoBeWFF.

I also learned that South Beach Wine and Food Festival is where these foodies come to party. And since there ain’t no party like a BK party, we made sure to keep it REAL for the bitchin’ fans who came out to see us (trust, we have video). Behold, more of our SoBe coverage.

Nadia G & Crew — Live Cook Demo


Fans who’ve emailed us, asking if they could be part of the “live” studio audience (we don’t have one) missed out this weekend. For the first time ever, the G-Star, Panos, The Spice Agent, and yes, a shirtless Hans, entertained a packed audience at the Whole Foods Grand Tasting at #SoBeWFF.

Ms. G showed spectators how to whip up a classic penne al forno and slap together some savory balsamic strawberry puff pastry tarts. Nads also split some sides with a perfectly timed Nickelback joke *wink *

It was a record-breaking hot day in South Beach, so the BK boys kindly distributed some much-needed chilled cocktails to fans throughout the audience. It wasn’t all work and no play: ladies (and men) you’ll be happy to learn that Hans couldn’t stand the heat and he ripped his shirt off!


The Spice Agent couldn’t stand Hans and also (tried) to rip his shirt off, to a slightly less enthusiastic response. Panos frolicked with his fellow sea creatures. At the end of the demo we went to a fan Q&A, that may or may not have resulted in a marriage proposal for the Spice Agent. Hello Greencard!

Ms G & Co. Book Signing!


The live cook demo was followed by an EPIC book signing with the whole crew.  So many fans came out to see Nadia and the gang  – including some superfans that tracked us down, stalker-style (we kid, we loved it !). We got to meet some seriously cool people including peeps from our neck of the woods, a few Facebook regulars and a super cool lady that asked the crew to sign her very first pair of bitchin’ panties. Oh yeah!


BTS (or Behind-the-Tents)

What many of you don’t see at these events is what goes on in the greenroom and behind the stages. I personally loved the AC and little carts that drove us around 😀 . But you also get to shkoff some seriously amazing food and witness some candid moments that would never have seen the light of day, had it not been for my stellar ninja stalker photography skills. You’re welcome.

Andrew Zimern with Nadia G’s mother & aunt


The Crew with KC from KC and the Sunshine Band


Nadia G & the Lovely, Debi Mazar

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our SoBe coverage, where I’ll bring you some exclusive pics from Nadia G’s “Girls Gone Wild” panel and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate… Last Night”

See the pics of Nadia G & the Crew @ SOBE!

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