#PartnerShaming Skivvies on the Bathroom Floor

| Monday, 6 July 2015 18:21


Nothing like starting the day by stumbling groggily into the bathroom and tripping over a pile of your partner’s clothes that he or she stripped off before stepping into the shower. It’s like when snakes shed their skin, only with more B.O.

On top if the ick factor, it also presents a catch-22: Do you pick them up or not? If you don’t, you have to stare at a gross pile of clothes all day long, reminding you how sad and dilapidated your living situation is — and if that’s not a recipe for resentment, we don’t know what is. If you do pick them up, on the other hand, you’ve gotta come face-to-face with nasty, slept-in underwear and pit-stained shirts.

If there’s one upside to this annoyance over others we’ve featured, it’s that identifying the culprit is easy — not many couples we know share their skivvies.

Thanks to Facebook follower Cam Beaton for reminding us how irritating this is!

Does your partner do annoying things? Submit your photos in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter with a brief description of what pisses you off (and the hashtag #PartnerShaming) and we’ll post it!

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