Testing 1-2-3 Sally Hansen Salon Effects

| Tuesday, 12 July 2011 12:00


It seems that nail polish strips are all the rage these days, and much like any cool trend, the BK crew just had to test these suckers out.

Are they really that amazing? Do they last a long time? Are they easy to put on? Will they bring world peace? We have the answers.

In short: yes (except for the world peace part.) While Salon Effects do actually work, I’m going to take you through the process of actually applying them because, at first, the task seems tedious.

Applying Salon Effects is much like the traditional manicure, except there is no smudging or dry time. The kit comes with 16 strips, a cuticle stick, a mini file and buffer. To prep, one must obviously start with a clean, dry nail and push the cuticles back. Shape your nail with the file and then smooth over with buffer. Simple stuff, if you’re the girly type.


The instructions say that I must give my nails a last swipe of nail polish remover so that they are squeaky clean; otherwise the strips won’t stick properly. I am then instructed to use “warm hands for maximum flexibility and stretch” – which I assume (and hope) is for applying the Salon Effects.

As mentioned above, the kit comes with 16 strips – no, not because some of us are mutants  – but so you can play around with the different shapes and sizes available and find the best fit for your nails. Once you’ve decided which fits your nails best, you can begin applying them.



Next, you line the strip with your cuticle, pressing it firmly to the nail. For best results, stretch slightly, steadily smoothing over the entire nail. It’s super important to make sure the strip sticks to the end of your nail, or it will peel off in no time!



Seriously. I’ve had these salon effects for about 5 days now and really went to town on them. Scrubbing pots and pans, mopping, washing my hands repeatedly (although, that may be the OCD kicking in) and they still haven’t chipped!

Salon effects are supposed to last up to 10 days and I hear getting them off is simple enough. Use a hardcore nail polish remover and you can start over with a blank canvas.


Final verdict? The BK crew gives these real nail polish strips two very trendy, hot pink army print thumbs up! For more info you can head on over to Sally Hanson. They have a few styles available – gold glitter, checkers, and even leopard print. Proaw!

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