DIY Rock This Office: Painting Done & An Ikea Run

| Friday, 15 April 2011 15:00


With all of the painting complete at Bitchin’ headquarters, we had some much anticipated time to SHOP. So we thought: “what better way to spend a morning than by going to… IKEA!”

It was rainy but it didn’t matter. Bad hair day aside, the BK crew was excited because we were headed straight for the frame section so we could get started on our spectacular wall collage of Bitchin’ Kitchen memorabilia. The beauty of this idea is that we can keep adding to the collage. Think: puzzle pieces … or Nadia’s arm tattoo.



When we were ready to leave, we had a problem with Ikea shipping. Don’t ask how we did it, but Isabel had to pull a MacGyver trying to get our next item in her car — another desk for Bitchin’ crew member, Murray. He refused to use a hobbit desk. I guess he did sort of look like a giant in a normal sized world. It was funny while it lasted.



As promised, we also have a step-by-step guide to candy-striping your own walls. It’s a great way to add character and fun to an otherwise sterile place. So get you’re DIY on and paint yourself a masterpiece.

Step 1: Tape your ceiling and your baseboards. And Paint your entire wall your base color of choice. (Wait until it dries and decide if you need a second coat.)


Step 2: Using a tape measure, measure the length of your wall. Mark the center; this will be start of your first stripe.

Step 3: Measure the start and finish points of your stripe near the ceiling and the floor.

Step 4: Connect the lines using a level, a chalk line, or a laser level to make sure the tape is straight.

Step 5: Tape the outside edges, along the pencil marks. Then erase the pencil marks.



Step 6: Paint the stripes with a paintbrush or smaller roller with your new color. Let it dry. If needed, paint a second coat. Let dry.

Step 7: Remove tape when paint is dry and behold the awesomeness!



Stayed tuned for more Rock This Office next week, who knows what we’ll come up with next… a shoe shrine perhaps?

Psst. Frame 1 from last week’s post is the choice we went with. Thanks for voting!


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