Design & Decor Rock This Office: DIY Mirror & Curtains

| Friday, 13 May 2011 15:00


Two projects went down this week at BK HQ. Our first order of business was to revamp a vintage mirror we bought off craigslist for about 50 bucks. One should be cautious when shopping on craigslist for antiques. Be sure to browse postings with pictures and when checking out merch, always bring a pal along… the last thing you want is showing up to a creeper’s house alone.

We bought some ceramic paint and rocked this mirror out with some hot pink and gold. Beh ya, we painted it… it’s O.K to do that. Unless of course we end up on Antique Roadshow at some point and find out we just ruined a million dollar masterpiece.


Either way, this piece is awesome and it’s a great way to revive something that looks old and decrepit.

Our next project seemed fun… in theory. We wanted Bitchin’ headquarters to reflect our rockin’ personalities and what better way to do that than to have chainmail curtains?!

To achieve this look buy a roll of chains – available at any hardware store – and metal shower curtain hooks. Next the BK Crew and Genevieve measured how long our chains should be, from our curtain rod to a little bit above the floor (about 7 ft.)


We then hung the chains on the curtain rod by clasping them onto our curtain hooks. We placed about 21 strands but you can add more or less, depending how large your windows are.


A word of caution – make sure your curtain rod is well supported as the chains can get heavy. This is a great way to let in some light without having the outside world peeping in. Voila! A rather ‘meh’ window is now bitchin’.

Stay Tuned for the finale post of Rock this Office!

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