Design & Decor Rock This Office: And That’s a Wrap!

| Friday, 3 June 2011 15:00


Well, after weeks of hard work, the crew can finally say that we have a bitchin’ office. It’s true. We did not have the best looking digs a few weeks ago. It was plain, it was drabby, and worst of all, it looked like boys lived here. Finally, we are ready (and no longer ashamed) to unveil the final look of our new office.

Let me start off by saying that the crew and I knew the space had the potential to be awesome.  And now it is. Our meeting area was transformed into a room where we can sit, chat, and plan without being completed revolted by our surroundings. In fact, just by sitting on these vintage leather coaches, I felt much cooler.

In this very snazzy room, you’ll find our focal piece – a painting by Marc Gagnon. He is also responsible for the magnificent metal artwork found on the Bitchin’ Kitchen set.

Unfortunately, we had to get rid of the chainmail curtains because it was ripping the molding off the wall. It’s sad, really, because we rather enjoyed the edge it brought to office. We felt very bad-ass, but the men in the office felt… imprisoned. As a replacement, we managed to find these sheer hot pink and black curtains from Ikea that gave this area of the office a much needed pop of color.

Remember our Vintage Mirror DIY Project? Well, we finally slapped it on our wall. Not too shabby, eh? We also decorated the shelf with a few BK memorabilia – our Wave Award, some accessories from the set and yes, those classic Nadia G shews from Deflate Your Mate. (Thanks Ms. G.)


Next up, we added to our Bitchin’ Picture Wall. We have to confess, it might be our favorite décor element in this whole process. It represents our true culture, capturing some never-before-seen photos of Nadia G, the cast, and the crew. Oh, and we may have even added a special photo of our favorite 4 year-old fan turned cook, who sent us a signed photo of himself!


As the final touch to our Rock This Office feature, we have a very awesome item hanging on our candy-striped wall. If you’re a super-fan then you know what this is. It’s that hawt number from Impress the In-laws!!! We just loved this vampy look so much we just had to showcase one of the Nadster’s most gorgeous outfits.

Ouf, it’s been a long yet fun, couple of weeks. I still wish I could have bedazzled something… the printer, our phones, heck, even a stapler would have satisfied my glitter obsession. It’ll happen.

On the bright side, our Rock This Office project is now complete… and guess what? We came in UNDER budget! Great news, since I really wanted to buy a cactus plant for my desk! Our initial budget was $1500 and we spent $1,403 ! Woot! Go Team!

Here’s the breakdown:
Paint & Labor: $280
Desks: $850
Accessories (Frames, Drapes): $250
Mirror: $50
DIY/Craft: $23
Total: $1403

And THAT, friends, is how you make a space Bitchin’!

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