DIY Rock This Office: A Bitchin’ Picture Wall & Behind Schedule!

| Friday, 29 April 2011 12:00


One thing everyone needs to know when he or she embarks on a renovation project is that your estimated time of completion is rarely respected. Unexpected things can occur: painter’s schedules can change, items you want are out of stock… you can even catch a case of the lazy. Don’t get discouraged! Stuff happens… or in most cases, doesn’t happen.

What’s important is that you give yourself some time to regroup and get back to work. Otherwise you’ll end up with a half-finished project and a deep sense of EPIC FAILURE. Not good.

Take the BK Crew for example, we’ve managed to get most of our office renovations done, but we’re lagging in terms of actually tying everything together. Lucky for us our interior designer buddy, Genevieve Ghaleb, came to the rescue and helped us with a few bitchin’ projects.

First up, we wanted to hang some memorable BK pictures – a way of bringing part of the Bitchin’ Kitchen set into the office. Genevieve gave us a really cool idea: a picture wall. All you have to do to create a great looking photo wall is to get your favorite photos, place them in frames of different shapes and sizes and hang them in a mosaic pattern.

Remember to choose a couple pictures (two to three) and use those as focal points. You may want to also focus on black and white photos with pops of color every so often. Think about all the pictures you’d like to showcase, creating an overall theme.

We went with pictures of the BK Crew and other classic images such as Nadia’s “Bitchin’ Kitchen” ring, the neon BK logo, The G-Star’s first newspaper cover, and a picture of the creepy dolls from the BK set.

picturesinframeIf you don’t feel comfortable doing this by ‘eye’ Genevieve suggests the following:

Trace the outline of the frame on a white piece of paper. Flip your frame over and measure from the exterior of the frame to where the nail head would rest (hook attached to frame.)


Then take your measurements and mock up the piece of paper indicating where the nail would be with an “X”.


Cut the paper representing your frame and tape it on your wall. Your first frame should be anywhere 54 to 60 inches from the floor to the centre of your wall. Do the same with the other frames you would like to use. The beauty of this method is that you can tape these paper “frames” to the wall and move them around until you are happy with the pattern.


When you have a design you’re satisfied with just hammer the nail in through each “X”. You can then rip away the paper and place your actual frames. Feel free to build on this collage, expanding the wall of pictures over the years – that’s what we’re planning on doing too… especially with Season 2 just around the corner!

There you have it – an easy way to make a rather blank space a little more dynamic and of course, bitchin’.


Stay tunned for next week… we’ll show you how to make your windows more edgy and we’ll be putting a special piece of BK memorabilia in a shadowbox! We can’t wait!

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