Rock This Look Rock This Look: Rehab Recipes

| Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:00

rehab-thumbLeopard sweater dresses, glitter heels, and gold chains: OH MY! Rock This Look from top to bottom.


Betsey Johnson Multi-Strand Necklace
This ‘Mr.T-In-Drag’ inspired look is one of Betsey’s specialties: every season she designs badass multi-stand necklaces that make a bold statement without having to wear all your freakin’ jewelry at once. These necklaces are also loaded with charms — a nice call-back to the charm jewelry we enjoyed as little girls (read: scraped-knee princesses.)

Leopard Sweater Dress
This dress is all about restraint: it may be mini, but the deliciously stuffy turtle neck screams ‘class’. The leopard print may be totally wild, but the royal blue palate tames it in all the right ways. Wear it with leggings for a more relaxed look, or show off your nude gams, either way this dress is totally Bitchin’. Here are some options we think are hawt!

Pink Nouveau M.A.C Lipstick
Candy pink lips are creepy… and we love it! But be forewarned when it comes to blueish plastic-doll shades: any lipstick that has a ton of blue in it will always make your teeth look more yellow as it creates contrast. Mind those not-so-complimentary colors ladies.

Cartier Panthere Ring (Knockoff)
This ring is killer, but the pricetag is guaranteed to give you a heart-attack: around 15k! That’s why G borrowed this knockoff from her friend Hala, (who found it at a Chinese Megastore in Dubaii. Mwahahaha.)

Gold Glitter Heels
“There’s no place like…” the shoe section! Metallic heels rule because they match with everything. Honestly, buy one pair of silver or gold heels and kiss the whole “OMG-I-have-no-place-in-my-luggage-for-seven-pairs-of-heels” drama good-bye.

Dollymix M.A.C Blush
G’s favorite everyday blush. This pink is the perfect rosy hue for any occasion (or non-occasion alike.)

By Nadia G

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