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| Thursday, 31 January 2013 09:00


Studded tops with a whole lot of black? We’ll show you how to brighten this look with a kick of color! So easy, you can even Rock This Look when funds are low.

Get This Look from Top to Bottom:


MAC Green Space Pigment
Just like in the kitchen, sometimes it’s best to let loose and have a good time with your eye color as well. The G-star pairs forest green with lime to create the ultimate technicolor smokey eye. Try MAC’s Mineralize Eye Shadow duo in Fresh Green and MAC’s Pigment in Golden Olive for a close match.


When you have a lot going on in the eyes, you want to keep the lip subtle. Nadia used a sheen/pearl shade, which works nicely with bright eyes. You can get a similar shade over at
Chunky Cameo Necklace

For a hint of vintage, you can compliment this look with all sorts of cameo type necklaces. Luckily, we’re pretty resourceful (read: awesome) and got you a couple of styles to consider here.

Studded Top from Guess

This Guess top is unfortunately out of stock but studded tanks are not hard to find! You can get your hands on some snazzy variations almost anywhere. This type of top is great because you can layer it under a T and pair it up with a blazer or jacket for the ultimate edgy look.

Maison Martin Margiela Nail Bracelet

Nadia loves unique jewelry pieces so when she found this badass bracelet she had to have it. Maison Martin Margiela converts industrial items like hooks, chains, and nails into one-of-a-kind accessories. Swanky! For more affordable options, you should definitely check out Forever 21.

Opi Gargantuan Green Grape

Nads loves brightening up an outfit with makeup and accessories. When wearing black its fun to have a pop of unexpected color – this lime green polish does just that!

Sequin Leggings
Regular leggings are boring; spice them up with just the right amount of wow! These Sequin Leggings dress up any outfit and are definitely as affordable as they are sexy!

Lime Green Pumps

G had these rocketdog pumps in every color; unfortunately they don’t make ‘em anymore! That’s too bad… they were sexy, fun, comfy, and affordable. But it’s not all bad news, here are some lime green pump alternatives for everyone.

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