Rock This Look Rock This Look: Bag ‘Em Tag ‘Em

| Thursday, 14 March 2013 09:00


Want to get your very own Bitchin’ outfit? Look no further, because the Nadster & crew have all the fashionable details on how to bag tonight’s Bitchin’ Kitchen look right here:


Mally Chickchic Halos Smokey Eye Kit

Everyone wants this sexy look without the hassle. Rest assured that Mally Chickchic Smokey Eye Kit makes achieving this look easy. Tested by the BK Crew themselves, you can bet your pretty lashes that this how-to kit will get you looking this good, and fast.

Spankin’ Orange Lips

If a vibrant red lip is a nighttime look, then lush orange lips are the perfect shade to compliment a smokey eye during the day. For a great texture and a shade similar to Nadia’s bright pout, try MAC’s Hot Sass.
Silver Chain Good Art HLYWD

Nadia G describes this chain as the ‘most badass chain work out there’ and badass it is! Good Art HLYWD designs are quality-handcrafted pieces made straight out of LA by Josh Warner and his awesome crew. For those of you who want this look for less, check out  costume jewelry alternatives over at Forever 21.

Denim Overalls

Tired of the same old t-shirt and jeans? Switch it up with overalls! G got hers at the Diesel Denim Gallery a while back but you can find all kinds of styles here.You’re welcome.


Bitchin’ Ring

It’s not everyday you can find a Bitchin’ ring, literally. That’s why the g-star got her bling custom made. Looking for an accessory that’s unique and totally you? Why not get your own custom knuckle ring made?

Orange OPI Nail Polish

Nothing beats a great manicure. Lucky for us, OPI has an awesome array of quality nail polishes that stay put and don’t chip. The G-star’s look is accentuated with bold orange shades like Melon of Troy or for an even more intense color, opt for Atomic Orange. More colors available at

Silver D&G Shoes

Silver is a great color that matches with any outfit! If you’re looking to splurge or have a secret shoe fetish, this Rock this Look may have you shopping for D&G pumps in no time. We don’t want you to blame us for using this month’s rent money so before you go and spend a small fortune, we suggest you check out these affordable options.

Bitchin’ Kitchen airs on Cooking Channel Wednesdays @ 10:00 pm (7:00pm PST) and Saturdays @ 11pm (8pm PST) !

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