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| Wednesday, 2 January 2013 09:00

Even though I don’t understand why, every New Year’s eve, I find myself making a resolutions list for the year ahead. And every New Year’s day, I find myself regretting what I already cannot keep accountable to. Is it impossible to think we can live 2013 without self-imposed regulations, and reach 2014 without regret?


Learn To Do 5 Unassisted Chin ups

Everyone has fitness goals for the New Year, right? Sometimes it’s promising to take the stairs, lose the last 10 pounds or run a mile without passing out. Well, having joined my first gym and hooking up with my first real trainer, I was sure I’d be ripped in no time. Hence, I chose to tackle a fitness move some women never master in a lifetime and guaranteed myself I would in a year’s time. Guess what? I can only do them assisted dammit. I’m not saying give up on getting fit, just don’t let he-mans be your only inspiration.

Try Out A New Recipe Once A Week

Digging in to another cold bowl of mac n’ cheese, I decided that I’d cook or bake one new thing each week. At the beginning, I was whipping up dessert’s faster than my family members could eat them! Then, I began sticking to what I knew was good or the same things I always craved (cookies). Then, I got back on the wagon, making stews, new sandwich spreads and even pizza from scratch! But by the time summer rolled around, “something easy” won again. Sure, I’ve got some great recipes under my belt now, but I ought to use BK to get inspired to take this up again!

Shop Less

Oh man, my bank account didn’t give me a choice in this one. At the beginning, all my dough had been spent during the holidays and since I had gotten plenty of cool gifts, I was sure it’d tie me over. Of course, all it took was a sample sale, free shipping and “free gift with purchase” to help me back on the horse. On the bright side, my closet is stuffed with some really cute stuff.

Save More

See above. All I can say is thank goodness for those coupon websites! With all the shopping, gym memberships and cooking going on, 2-for-1’s eased some of the pain. That is until I overlooked expiry dates and spent one for none.

I don’t regret setting these resolutions for myself, or attempting to complete them. In the end, they taught me a thing or two about being realistic, because we all know I wasn’t going to spend more time doing chin ups and cooking than I would shopping. But this year? I resolve to live resolution free.

By: Eva Severed 

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