You want a great drink recipe with a little kick? You got it! Ingredients  1 bottle full-bodied red wine 2 cups fresh raspberries and strawberries 1 cups Grand Marnier 1 cups apricot nectar 1 tablespoons lemon juice 4 cups sparkling water/or 7UP 1/2 a jalapeño (no seeds) Directions: ... Read More
You know those cravings that force you out of your pyjamas on a Sunday, and in to the windy, not-quite-spring world? Well, almond joy chocolate bars are frequently that for me. So I decided to combine the comfort ... Read More
It’s spring and let’s face it, in some parts of the world it still looks like Christmas. In the spirit of being fed up, here’s a fun refreshing cocktail that’ll jump-start your spring cleaning. Ingredients ¼ cup of ginger, peeled 1/2 ... Read More
I’ve been bored with cocktails lately  -- old Fashion this, Moscow Mule that - snooze. But I did have interesting one at a spot called Wilson & Wilson. It was different, had a nice zing to it. When ... Read More
My dad does business with a sushi shop, exchanging work for gift certificates. As such, I’ve ingested my share of rolls, teriyakis, and tempura bananas. Thing is, recreating this craving at home can be a real hassle. And ... Read More
From the Old Fashioned to the Pisco Sour, all sorts of cocktails share a single, simple ingredient: simple syrup. But us? Well, we were never very big fans of simple. What is simple syrup? As you might guess, it's not ... Read More
I like it when people brag about sneaking small handfuls of spinach in to their smoothies. Amateurs. This hot, bubbling pile of cheese and hot sauce uses spinach as a small distraction, while jackfruit is the real hidden health ... Read More
There’s a good reason why we use “brownie points” as a hypothetical currency for doing good things; brownies are amazing. Just as religious types might seek heaven for their deeds, so do I hope that this dessert might ... Read More