This week, we're going the healthy route. What?! Acai berry is good for you, no? In either case, this drink is perfect for cocktails and night caps alike, so get fit or get frisky. To each's own. Ingredients Simple syrup (as needed) 1 part ... Read More
This is a fantastic summer drink for any occasion. It's like a fresh and fizzy pink lemonade... for alcoholics. Drinkers beware, this beverage packs a whole lot of punch. Ingredients 6 ounces gin or vodka 6 ounces frozen pink lemonade 3 beers (Blonde ... Read More
On this fine #TuesdayBoozeday we're going fresh blackberries and gin. If you don't like gin, we question your cool factor, but will accept you switching it up for vodka or whatever. Enjoy. Ingredients 1 cup of blackberries 1/2 cup sugar 2 cups gin 1 ... Read More
Since it's a festive kind of week we're making homemade margaritas at the BK office!!! Beh ya, you don’t need ready-made concoctions or sour mixes for this frozen drink. Pffft. That's for lazies. And you’re not lazy, you’re awesome. Read More
We’re all used to the same old margarita mixtures: lime, strawberry, and maybe some banana. Boring. We thought we'd shake it up a bit by suggesting this subtly delicious and yet mostly underrated coconut margarita. It’s fresh, it’s ... Read More
When you have trouble deciding what kind of cocktail you want to have (which often plagues my mind) I  suggest having the best of both worlds and combining the two to create a glorious concoction. Much like this  Read More
Did you know that Americans consume over 50 million liters of tequila yearly? Well, we're here to contribute to that statistic with a delicious, boozy cooler. And since tequila is mostly agave anyway, we consider this a healthy ... Read More
Just because we aren't down south, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a fantastic island cocktail! Everyone loves a Mojito... here's how to make one! Ingredients 2 ounces Havana Rum 4 tablespoons fresh mint 1 ounces lime juice 3 ounces club soda 1/4 ounces brown sugar 5-6 ... Read More
Often with cocktail recipes, really awesome drinks happen by accident (and when you mix everything you have in your liquor cabinet together). Also, not being too fond of pear nectar, I discovered that peach was a much tastier ... Read More
This week’s drink, a Cherry Mint Cooler, is courtesy of Delicious Inspiration. We just had to agree, this non-alcoholic drink is super tasty and perfect for January detoxes. Ingredients 4 tablespoons fresh mint leaves 1 cup cherry juice 4 tablespoons lime ... Read More