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Basil Lime Martini

Do you like to grab a drink after work on Thursdays to unwind? So do we! Have you ever tried to make some of ...


The Rosy Peach

There are many things that make us blush, compliments, more compliments, and this fruity cocktail recipe. But that might be because we’ve had one ...


Rosemary, Lime & Vodka Tonic

With the holidays gone and the January blues setting in, we figured we’d keep the party going with a rosemary, cucumber vodka tonic. Trust ...


Holiday Mojito

Entertaining this Holiday season? Wow your guests with Nadia G’s Holiday Mojito recipe. We promise, they’ll be a guaranteed hit!


Home-Made Egg Nog

If there’s one recipe worth making from scratch this Christmas, it’s definitely egg nog. In all honesty, we here at BK were never really ...


Cranberry Ginger Frosty

The word “frosty” often brings up bad memories of tongues stuck to poles, terrifying talking snowmen and that time your bff gave you a ...


Chocolate and Port Shots

It’s Tuesday, and while that usually just means it’s the day after Monday, we here at Bitchin’ Lifestyle have found a way to make ...


Bourbon Lemonade

You need a drink. You’re knackered and it’s okay to admit that it’s been a long week. We feel you, that’s why we got ...

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Candy Infused Vodka

It might be easy, but there’s nothing adult about sitting down with a 90 piece box of fun size candy and devouring it. We’ve ...