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Acai Blueberry Caipiroska

This week, we’re going the healthy route. What?! Acai berry is good for you, no? In either case, this drink is perfect for cocktails and night ...


Summer Time: Pink Dynamite

This is a fantastic summer drink for any occasion. It’s like a fresh and fizzy pink lemonade… for alcoholics. Drinkers beware, this beverage packs ...


Blackberry Gin

On this fine #TuesdayBoozeday we’re going fresh blackberries and gin. If you don’t like gin, we question your cool factor, but will accept you ...


Coconut Margaritas

We’re all used to the same old margarita mixtures: lime, strawberry, and maybe some banana. Boring. We thought we’d shake it up a bit ...

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Basil Lime Martini

Do you like to grab a drink after work on Thursdays to unwind? So do we! Have you ever tried to make some of ...


Cucumber Mint Tequila Cooler

Did you know that Americans consume over 50 million liters of tequila yearly? Well, we’re here to contribute to that statistic with a delicious, ...


Raspberry Mojito

Just because we aren’t down south, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fantastic island cocktail! Everyone loves a Mojito… here’s how to make one!