For vegetarians who recoil at the thought of putting a corpse inside of a corpse inside of a corpse, rejoice! Behold the cherpumple — a dessert version of the turducken. The name "cherpumple" is a portmanteau — kind of a word ... Read More
I grew up on snack packs. And while licking the renegade pudding on the foil packaging was often a highlight for some, my enjoyment came from maneuvering my way around the multi-flavoured cups. I would skillfully chip away ... Read More
You know those cravings that force you out of your pyjamas on a Sunday, and in to the windy, not-quite-spring world? Well, almond joy chocolate bars are frequently that for me. So I decided to combine the comfort ... Read More
I once came across a book on relationships called “Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti.” And while the book dealt with real matters of men’s waffle-like compartmentalizing versus women’s limp-spaghetti interconnectedness in the great gender psyche debate... ... Read More
Because I hate the fact that my gym is packed with people who'll give up by March, I decided to take the spice of gingerbread, and the classic comfort of a chewy oatmeal cookie to make one super ... Read More
We're all about getting creative with recipes! So what if that cookie calls for chocolate chips? We're using CHOCOLATE CHUNKS! This blondie recipe (the brownie's sexy cousin, if you didn't know) has a simple, delicious batter that can ... Read More
One of the greatest things about  fall is making pumpkin pie. Not only because of Halloween, but also because it's a great excuse for me to stuff my face "taste testing" an entire batch of pumpkin ... Read More
What happens when you see two decadent recipes on Pinterest and decide to combine them for maximum indulgence? Your evil mind creates a sinfull tasty monster. Gooey peanut butter meets rich chocolate, spiked with some quality bourbon. Prepare for ... Read More