Bitchin' Supperclub

Tonight, NG and the gang eat their way through Louisville and discover some local dishes. You? You get this exclusive recipe from Eiderdown. Now, just like Nadia, you too can shkoff Spaetzle - a classic German dish that's ... Read More
There are many things to avoid when trick and or treating this Halloween; haunted cemeteries, unwrapped candy and being caught in a predictable costume (no more witches, cats or Jokers please). Most importantly, avoid the possibility ... Read More
We’re whipping you in to shape, G-style… (Which obviously means, eating food so good, you won’t even notice it’s good for you :P). Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we know you’ll be eating some turkey, that’s why this week’s challenge ... Read More
Nadia G isn’t holding back in tonight’s episode, Gluttony G-Style, and neither are we! Tune in at 10pm ET and watch as Nadia G and the gang stuff their faces with THREE decadent meals so rich, so ... Read More
You know that intense feeling of happiness you get when you find an 20 dollar bill in your jean pocket after you’ve washed and dryed them? Yeah, well these onions rings bring about the same happiness in me. Happiness ... Read More
There is no greater rejection than that of a child throwing their dinner in your face. Likewise, parents across the globe are suffering, eating cold chicken fingers and overcooked mac and cheese leftovers out of guilt. ... Read More