Turkey Burger Sliders

| Thursday, 29 August 2013 09:00

There is no greater rejection than that of a child throwing their dinner in your face. Likewise, parents across the globe are suffering, eating cold chicken fingers and overcooked mac and cheese leftovers out of guilt. Enough of these atrocities! All ages can agree that when there are Turkey Burger Sliders on the table, the family feuding can end.


If your pizza delivery guy is “one of the family,” or if your family dog is obese from being passed uneaten food under the table, it’s time you tried something new! These bite-sized morsels of awesome are great for little hands AND as adult hors d’oeuvres. What are you waiting for? Watch Nadia G and the gang whip this up tonight on Parenthood on Cooking Channel at 10:00pm ET. You’ll want to get a photo of your little shquiblet double fisting these sliders, for your photo albums and for our foodie Facebook page. They’ll get a kick out of making our BK Crew drool 😉

If you’re lucky, the kiddies will like these so much, they’ll become a weekly thing. You might even find someone else’s pipsqueaks trying to ditch their dinner for yours. Just be sure to get them working in the kitchen with you! You can teach ‘em good eating habits (and the importance of chores) at a young age. Maybe save the knife skills for the big kids though (lesson learned).


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