Uncategorized The Best Mocha, Ever

| Wednesday, 3 December 2008 18:49


Screw Starbucks or powdered hot chocolate mixes! This recipe teaches you how to make a delicious dark chocolate mocha from scratch. You can use it with coffee or on its own for the best hot chocolate ever.

4 tablespoons cocoa powder
4 tablespoons brown sugar
2 cups milk
4 shots Espresso

In a jar, throw in your cocoa powder, brown sugar, and 1 cup of milk. Seal the jar and shake vigorously for approx 2-3 minutes, until the liquid is smooth and there are no powdery cocoa balls floating around.

In a small pot add the remaining 1 cup of milk and the liquid cocoa mixture. Stir and warm on low heat. Make sure not to boil it – milk burns fast.

Prepare enough espresso for 4 people. In a drinking bowl, add espresso and cocoa mixture.

You can also sprinkle with cocoa powder for decoration. Shkoff with fresh crusty bread or croissants for dipping.

Yeild: 4 servings


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