Uncategorized Fettuccine with Salsiccia and Brisket Sauce

| Wednesday, 2 January 2013 10:00

Nonna’s recipes are like government secrets, fiercely guarded, hard to get your hands on and if you reveal them to the wrong person, the punishment is unthinkable… After one bite of this deliciousness you’ll  understand why they wanted to keep it all for themselves!

We’re challenging you to whip up Nadia G’s take on Nonna Carmella’s Fettuccine with Salsiccia and Brisket Sauce. Believe us, once you’ve tasted beef brisket and sausage that have been slowly simmered in a rich tomato sauce  and served over  fresh, home-made (or store bought, whatever) noodles, you’ll see that these ingredients are a match made in stomach heaven. Stomach heaven, beh yeah! Where else do you think we find these dishes!


Here’s the drill: Watch Nonna’s Recipe Chowdown tonight on Cooking Channel at 10pm ET – don’t be late – then, you whip up this dish (click HERE for recipe) and before you devour it like a feral wolverine, grab a camera and snap a pic. Later, post your pic to our Facebook wall or Tweet it! You’ll get featured in our weekly roundup AND be able to shkoff something so fantastic you may actually want to call your Nonna this weekend (you really should call her).

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