Don’t Knock Limoncello. Just Add Gin.

| Tuesday, 14 July 2015 18:26

It’s come to our attention that some people think of limoncello as a joke of a drink, along the lines of that hard-as-a-rock holiday fruitcake that nana sends every year. To those people, we say: You’re just not doing it right.

We set out to find a limoncello libation that could a-peel (hehe) to the masses. What turned up was a tart, refreshing summertime drink that’s bubbly and delicious — perfect for sipping in a sundress or slurping after sex (hey, it’s healthier than a cigarette). The botanicals of the gin are a perfect complement to the limoncello, rounding it out and adding complexity while still keeping it light and refreshing.

So don’t toss that bottle of limoncello that’s been sitting on the shelf. Just like everything in life, all it needs is a little alcohol. A little more alcohol, that is.


Limoncello Gin Cocktails


1 oz. limoncello
1 oz. gin
4 oz. club soda

Directions: Fill a tall glass with ice and add limoncello and gin. Top with club soda (or tonic, if you’re trying to avoid malaria), and stir thoroughly. Garnish with fresh lemon peel or a lemon wedge.


Photos and inspiration from The Kitchn

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