Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day One

| Friday, 21 December 2012 18:42

With the Holidays here, we’re not too worried about appeasing Santa with cookies. Instead, we’re out to crush the dessert table at our family functions and potlucks. That’s right Nonna, LOOKOUT! We’ve got the best cookie recipes around, no matter how much time you have or how many dietary restrictions exist these days. Keep an eye out on our space for one new recipe every day until Christmas!

Day One: The “No Time To Bake” Cookie: Snowman Oreo Pops

Just because you’re too busy to bake, doesn’t mean you should deprive your guests of the kind of cuteness only things in “pop” form can provide. Forget smashing cake and icing together, Oreos are here to save the day.


Oreo cookies (regular, golden, double stuffed – doesn’t matter!)

Cake pop sticks

White chocolate OR vanilla candy melts

Orange chocolate covered sunflower seeds (for noses)

Black icing (for eyes mouth)


Insert the sticks in to the cream filling of the cookie, being gentle and trying your best not to break cookies (althoug,  broken cookies are up for grabs). I used a knife to scrape icing off of the other cookies to bulk mine up a little. Melt chocolate or candy melts, and coat the cookies evenly (drizzling works better than dunking). Place on wax or parchment paper until cool. While cool but still soft, push in noses. Once fully hardened, using icing to dot eyes and mouth.

I took the “aww” factor one step further, using scrap ribbon to tie a “scarf” bow. These look WAY better standing up, so take an empty box, wrap it like a gift and poke some holes in it. Now, you’re a regular Martha Stewart. Brownie points go to the folks that find time to make homemade Oreos.

Coming up tomorrow: The “Who Doesn’t Like Gingerbread?” Gingerbread People

Written and Photos By: Eva Severed 

Inspired By Mommy Savers 

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