Champagne Punch

| Wednesday, 1 January 2014 10:00

So you had a wild New Years Eve, but now you’ve woken up to a crowd of unexpected scragglers. Even they’re better than the confetti clinging to your carpets. Maybe you’ll celebrate elsewhere next year? Since you’re going to need to whip up some brunch, you better include some “hair of the dog” relief. This Champagne Punch is just the prescription! 



50 oz. Champagne, chilled

32 oz. Fruit Juice (try cranberry peach, or white grape)

1 cup liqueur (try mixing 1/2 cup of two different kinds)

Fresh sliced fruit

Fresh sliced ginger


To make punch: In a big  fancy punch bowl (or whatever is still clean), mix champagne, juice and liqueur(s). Garnish with fresh fruit and ginger, and serve with a bitchin’ ladle for all to use to spoon in to glasses (again, whatever is clean). If you aren’t completely trashed, glasses can be rimmed with a mixture of sugar and ground ginger.

We can’t think of a better way to start 2013, then with a #TuesdayBoozeday! We predict a year full of GREAT drinks for the BK Community. Cheers!

By: Eva Severed

Photo and Recipe Inspiration from: A Spicy Perspective


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