Broccoli, Wild Mushroom & Duck Prosciutto Casserole Smothered in a Sharp Cheddar Cream Sauce

| Wednesday, 21 August 2013 00:00

If we could jump in a time machine and experience another decade, the 50’s would be an easy first choice! We’d style our hair in to victory rolls, practice our best Elvis pelvis thrust and then we’d be sure to pack a lunch. Fact is, back then, a little too much love was being given to TV dinners and canned “delicacies” (spam anyone?). Thank goodness Ms. G is here with her Broccoli, Wild Mushroom and Duck Prosciutto Casserole Smothered in a Sharp Cheddar Sauce!


Mad Men fans know that taking care of business means ingesting liquor and cigarettes on the job. Well, we’ve got the kind of dish that’ll get everyone away from the desk (and the liquid lunch) and back to the table! Nadia and the gang have your Mad Men(u) on Cooking Channel Wednesday at 10pm ET. Whip up this casserole to end all casseroles, and be sure to share a photo on our foodie Facebook (black and white nostalgic filter optional). Don’t be afraid to switch up your ingredients, we want to know how you’ve “modernized” this dish.

Might we recommend tucking in to this dish dressed in your best Don Draper or Peggy Olson attire?


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