Bitchin’ Babes Private Chefs of Beverly Hills: Manouschka Guerrier

| Tuesday, 2 November 2010 14:30


Who says modern single girls can’t cook? Meet the totally awesome and always stylish, Manouschka Guerrier. Dishing out thrifty single servings and party recipes alike, this Bitchin’ Babe is working double duty on her newest endeavour, Food Network’s reality series Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. If you haven’t heard of her, you may want to hold on to your spatulas because Bitchin’ Kitchen has got the exclusive on this fierce female foodie!

AP: Bonjour Manouschka! I’m really loving you’re website: For people not in-the-know can you brief them on what it’s all about?

MG: Bonjour Belle Fille! Single Serving Bytes allows people to witness my life as I chase my dreams. I came up with the idea after I lost my job and went through a really gnarly breakup. I felt like I had to be single for a reason. Before I knew it, my ideas quickly morphed into a blog about life and food from my perspective as a single woman. Seven months after launching the blog, Food Network came calling and I got a job with Big City Chefs, the private chef placement agency featured in the show. The rest is history.

AP: In your Bio you mention that, in regards to cooking, the ‘the old adage was — single girls don’t know how to boil water nor care to.” Why do you think modern single ladies disassociated themselves with the kitchen?

MG: I think many single women are like “hell, I have no one to cook for… screw it.” And as they stand alone in their fab kitchen in their fashionable apartment, wearing their power suit and Louboutins, they’re eating a cup of ramen noodles instead. That’s so sad to me. I’m all about self love. I love knowing what I’m putting into my body. I love the therapeutic benefits of cooking alone after a stressful day. I hate to clean, but that’s another story.


AP: Can you share a super sexy single secret with us? Any examples?

MG: I like to do what I call ‘Field Trippin’.’ I grab my ipod and I hit an ethnic market in a nearby neighborhood. I cruise down each aisle (depending on the song, sometimes I shimmy) and I introduce myself to fantastic ingredients I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

The best excursion I had was in a market in Little Tokyo. A clerk stopped me and told me I had to try these mini crab snacks. They’re these entire baby soft shell crabs dehydrated and roasted in a sweet and salty topping with sesame seeds. The Clerk was giggling the whole time, telling me how the crabs pair perfectly with beer. Next thing you know, she ripped open the bag and busted open a beer! The two of us enjoyed a bar snack…with a beer…in the middle of the afternoon…in a store.

AP: As a former Model tell us about your favorite foodie experience abroad.

MG: My best foodie experience is when I went to Bratislava, Slovakia to visit a friend Aishwarya Rai who was working on a film. I wasn’t too crazy about Indian food but Sir Ben Kingsley invited a bunch of us to dinner at a popular Indian spot. The food was absolutely fantastic. It was such a fantastic education in Indian cuisine for me. It was after that I decided to never judge a cuisine or an ingredient without trying it first.


AP: Nadia G learned how to cook by watching the women in her household, you learned from your grandma?

MG: My grandmother’s willingness to feed people was not in vain, and I’m so proud that this is the legacy she left me. I always knew she was the best chef ever, but when she passed away three years ago, I found out she was actually an accredited chef! She had studied at a prestigious French culinary school in Haiti, but gave up a career in food to raise her family. She is my she-ro. She came to this country with six kids, worked for like 30 cents and hour in New York, but never fed her family a TV dinner. She was always offering you something to eat. She was so special.

AP: My grandma spends hours in the Kitchen. Since I like to shop on the weekend, give me a few tips on how to… say, cut that time in half!

MG: Tupperware, muffin pans, the freezer, and your iPod. If you work all week, Sunday should be Foodie Funday. As a single person you have to buy food on sale, so buy in bulk, prepare your food in advance and freeze it. Whenever you’re ready for that dish, just defrost, pop it in the oven, and you’re done, son!

Another super sexy single tip is the muffin pan. I make ‘cupcake’ versions of everything. Lasagna, Shepherd’s pie, mac n’ cheese, meatloaf, pot pies, quiche…. you name it I’ve done it. They make perfect little Single Servings.


AP: People can see you on Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. Tell people when and where they can watch.

MG: It’s Food Network’s first foray into reality programming, so that alone is a huge honor. I must say I give Food Network mad props to show this side of our business. I love that I work along side trained chefs and people who’ve had extensive careers in this business. You can catch the gang and I on Tuesday nights at 9pm and 12am, and repeats on Sundays at 5pm EST.

AP: With ladies like you and Nadia G, we’re changing the way people see the Kitchen. What would you like to see happen in the cooking space.

MG: I want to see people getting back into the kitchen. I think Nadia and I have an ability to make it less intimidating because we really love hanging out in the kitchen, and we look dang good doing it! Let’s face it, the economy is craptastic, and it’s cheaper to entertain in your own home than it is to go out, and people feel a lot more special when you create a dinner and an atmosphere. C’mon single girls, that oven isn’t storage for your sweaters, it’s the heartbeat of your home and your life! Open it up and put something delicious in it – you deserve it!

Photos by: Diana Zollicoffer
Anger/BBQ photo by: Leyna Weber.

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