Sick Kitchens

Every week, we’re lucky enough to go through your food photos for our Supperclub Challenges -- which usually coincides with lunch and an onset of some serious stomach rumbles. Mouth-watering pitfalls aside, we’ve noticed a ... Read More
There’s nothing like a little sparkle to brighten up a room, but chances are that 6ft wide solid crystal chandelier you were eyeing in last month's Vogue isn’t going to fit in your foyer. Scratch ... Read More
Well, after weeks of hard work, the crew can finally say that we have a bitchin’ office. It’s true. We did not have the best looking digs a few weeks ago. It was plain, it ... Read More
Two projects went down this week at BK HQ. Our first order of business was to revamp a vintage mirror we bought off craigslist for about 50 bucks. One should be cautious when Read More
One thing everyone needs to know when he or she embarks on a renovation project is that your estimated time of completion is rarely respected. Unexpected things can occur: painter’s schedules can change, items you ... Read More
With all of the painting complete at Bitchin’ headquarters, we had some much anticipated time to SHOP. So we thought: “what better way to spend a morning than by going to… IKEA!” It was rainy but ... Read More
It’s been another fab week at Bitchin’ Kitchen HQ! We left for New York City, had a blast at the Shorty’s and came back to a candy-striped wall and an awesome email from our interior ... Read More
I would like to start this week’s blog post by saying how deeply moved the BK Crew was to have your support last week. It warms our hearts to see that you too think the ... Read More
Many BK fans imagine that the Bitchin’ Kitchen headquarters is one rockin’ space. Perhaps you pictured a cool area decked out in sleek desks and villainesque chairs. Maybe you thought the office was sure to ... Read More
Maybe you’re the kind of person who enjoys building things with their hands. Maybe you’re looking to breathe new life into your house parties…Maybe you’ve had your license revoked and need a place to drink ... Read More