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Spice Agent: Basil

The Spice Agent talks about basil and reminisces about his long lost love: Sophia. Read More

Nadvice: De-Germing Garlic

Here's our first installment of Nadvice. In this quickie, Nadia G will be showing you how to de-germ garlic. Read More

Nadvice: Knives

Welcome to another installment of Nadvice. In this quickie, Nadia G chats about the importance of good knives. Read More

 We love having fish & seafood on Christmas Eve. Bold on flavour, this dish mixes sweet and spicy for a memorable holiday and soon to be favorite. Get all of NG's Feast of the Seven ... Read More
We know you're HYPED for Nadia G's hour-long Halloween Special so we're making it easy for you to watch and re-watch this classic fan-favorite episode. Cooking Channel: Sunday,  October 20, 2013 12:00 ... Read More
There are many things to avoid when trick and or treating this Halloween; haunted cemeteries, unwrapped candy and being caught in a predictable costume (no more witches, cats or Jokers please). Most importantly, avoid the possibility ... Read More
We’re whipping you in to shape, G-style… (Which obviously means, eating food so good, you won’t even notice it’s good for you :P). Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we know you’ll be eating some turkey, that’s why this week’s challenge ... Read More
There’s no denying that G does a lot for her fans. We’re talking hours in hair and make-up, people! And don’t get us started on the foot rubs you technically ... Read More
There’s no denying that Nonna is a well of infinite wisdom, inside the kitchen and out. But we often have to brave the wooden spoon to get at it. So ... Read More