Culture Is It Bitchin’? Portable Toaster Concept

| Monday, 21 January 2013 16:31

Trolling the internet for cool new kitchen gadgets almost always lands us on some concepts that seem so OBVIOUS, but don’t exist. But even more often, we come across inventions we think should probably be prevented from ever reaching our drawers. Whether you’d buy this one or not is up to you, but we’re afraid of the Portable Toaster.


At first glance, this innocent looking butter knife could have it’s own “Apple” commercial. Being all white and looking very clean, it instantly screams “expensive.” But once you recognize what this tool actually does, heating up like a handheld element, you’ll realize it’s much cheaper than most other tools of destruction. It seems it’s meant to spread over sliced bread, warming it until it is neatly toasted. And in case you couldn’t see the browning, the tool itself has a floral design that’ll become darker as you bread goes from soft to crunchy.

But I have a few questions. First of all, should you really hold the piece of bread you’re toasting? This might worst well with texas toast, but we imagine a thinly sliced deli bread would mean burning your hands. And what about multi tasking? We can’t simply dip this same heated knife in our peanut butter, unless you like yours bubbling. So, more dishes to clean and third degree burns are likely on the menu. On the bright side, this might become the thing you reach for first in the case of an intruder or to ensure you’re “gifted” the last pancake in the stack.

Okay, we swear we don’t work for the toaster, or it’s genius counterpart the toaster oven, but this seems like a silly invention that would wow bachelors at first, and then bore them when they decide they need to toast more than one slice of bread. It’ll definitely impress small children though, because it almost seems like a magic wand, no? Again, we can see many injuries resulting.

If the portable toaster makes it to market, will you be lining up to get on for the foodie in your life? Or is this hot gadget make you fearful for the future of culinary invention?

By: Eva Severed

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