DIY Portable Fire Pit

| Tuesday, 26 August 2014 12:28

Fire permits aren’t easy to get, but are easy to break. Building effective tee-pee log structures isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. So when the urge to dangle food over an open flame hits, your gas range won’t exactly suffice. Turn up the romance and make this portable fire pit that’s ready to heat things up wherever you are. It’ll also make a pretty good distraction if you need to get out of breaking any kind of permit.

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Clay Flower Pot

River Rocks

Chafing Fuel


How to:

This is as easy as it gets, people! Start by buying your chafing fuel. They come in different sizes, and usually cost just under $10. Here’s where you can get them online. 

Then, find yourself a clay pot that’s deep enough and wide enough to hold the chafing fuel canister. The clay part is important – it’ll hold in the heat. If you’re hitting up Walmart for a new one, grab a bag of river rocks while you’re there. If you’ve already got a flower pot to up-cycle at home, you can likely find rocks out in nature too. 



Line the pot with some rocks, top with the chafing fuel canister, then fill in the sides with more rocks. Then, it’s simply a matter of flipping off the canister top, lighting the fuel (I used a long BBQ lighter to be safe), and making your best s’mores. And if I can recommend using skull shaped truffles (like the ones pictured from Laura Slack) in place of your run-of-the-mill chocolate bar, it might be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Feel free to roast other amazing campfire treats, this little flame gets pretty hot!



Putting the lid back on will suffocate the fire to put it out when you’re done. And one can of fuel will last quite some time.

Some marshmallow bags are harder to open than this DIY. So when the apocalypse hits, you’re gonna want one of these around. Or you know, just the next great apocalyptic movie. 

By: Eva Severed 

Always be extra careful when dealing with fire and stuff.

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